Camp Report 2004


I thought I would again share with you this neat story from 1999's summer camp at Gelim Yastli!

It was pretty nice going into camp to get ready for one of the Parent's Day and the powwow! On thisHiding in the road! one day, there were two other cars in front of me on the dusty, bumpy road into camp. First the large, super- size van with oversized tires stopped, followed by the one in front of me. A woman got out of the first one and told us that they had to stop since a doe and her small fawn were on the road in front of them. The doe took off and the small fawn laid down in the middle of the road! We all approached and there was this SUPER small fawn in the middle of the dirt road trying to hide! When one of the guys was about to touch it, I said "NO!" - and the guy pulled back. I then went into my minivan and put on some latex gloves that I had bought earlier for the head lice check for the first day of camp, and then dirtied the gloves in some dust and weeds. I quietly approached the trembling fawn and picked it up and carefully took it to the side of the dirt road, and placed the fawn down on a well-traveled deer path that was hidden by some brush, and then left it there. It was neat since it was about the size of a cat and still had the feel of a deer's coat. One of the adults took a couple of pictures of me and the fawn with my camera. Anyway, after we got back in our cars and headed to camp I was really struck with what a unique experience that it had been for me! Guess I'm a naturalist at heart, after all!

I guess that by laying down, the fawn felt that was what it was SUPPOSED to do since it would probably have been hidden - if it hadn't decided to do it in the middle of the road!

Guess that it did that because the fawn's mother took off without it and that made the fawn decide to do that!

Anyway, I thought I would share this good experience as another example of why this is a good place to be.

Baby Fawn


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