Final Report 2006

By Shannin Stutzman
2006 Summer Camp Director

We celebrated our 30th year of camp this summer! Coos Bay School District re-joined our camp this year, welcome back! Our number of campers was the highest since we have been at Line-te-natsin, and we hosted eighty campers grades 4th – 12th.

This was the first time to combine all grade levels into one week of camp and it turned out to be successful for all. Our high school campers were Counselors in Training (CIT) for our 8 youth counselors. We gave them a lot of responsibilities along with being a camper. We assigned 2-3 high school students as CITs to each counselor group and they all showed a lot of effort and friendship in working with the younger campers. The schedule was revised adding a separate yet advanced group of activities for these campers. I would like to thank all of the high school students for taking charge of snack every night. What great teamwork! I encourage you all to apply for a youth counselor position next year.

Judy and Mary did it again! We would have never made it a week out in the woods without our wonderful cooks. Thank you so much ladies. Everyone enjoyed the good food and I know the campers really loved the seconds. YUM! I think I speak for everyone when I say I have utmost respect for the cooks. They served 3 nutritious meals and snack for 100 plus people for a week using only propane stoves and a microwave. With luck we will be at a real camp next year so you ladies can cook in a kitchen.

The glory must be shared with Jim Thornton who is responsible for putting this camp together. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am a mere director. I just direct people around while Jim does all the phone calls, paperwork, accounting, mailing, food deliveries, luggage runs…. just to start the list. I know he has it all under control after 30 years of practice so I am anticipating next year being just as great. You’re the best Jim!

We had a fairly fresh bunch of youth counselors this year but knowing that most of them were campers in the past I had complete confidence in my selection. The veteran queen “T” (Tierra) shared her last year as youth counselor with us this summer. Don’t know what I would have done without her the last 5 years. Telissa, Cheyenne and Lesley were my rookie counselors for the girls this year. All of these young ladies worked together very well and did a great job with their groups of campers. Doug, Matt, Apollo and Mark were my boy counselors. They sure did make camp fun this year! The youth counselors showed excellent leadership and teamwork. Thanks for all your hard work. You may not know it but your campers will always remember you and the fun times you showed them at camp.

Eden was once again the craft lady. She had the entire camp sewing pouches by hand along with doing sand paintings and necklaces. Kent took charge of the hikes, helped with nature and lummi sticks. As always Kent kept us all attentive with his entertaining songs and dances! Eddy was our drum instructor this year. We were taught about intertribal pow-wow drumming, singing and dancing. Respect, good feelings and a positive attitude is what we learned to bring to our drum sessions. Nana (Esther) volunteered as our language and nature expert. We all appreciate her dedication to our native youth. Doug Barrett from the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Tribes taught us flint knapping and an all-over good time. Thanks so much. We will never forget how to fill a fire pit thanks to him.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered and donated to our camp this year: Coos Bay Indian Education Program for sports equipment, craft supplies and first aid items, the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indian Tribes donated the salmon for our feast, AHHAe for the canopy use, the Bushnell Family and Belva Bell for coolers and also thanks to the Bushnells for the firewood. We greatly appreciate Powers Park for putting us up and putting up with us!

Thank you to the family and friends of our campers who attended the feast and mini pow-wow. We hope you all enjoyed your visit.

I am looking forward to another year and am currently working on finding an established camp for next year that has all the facilities!

I hope everyone has an exciting school year, keep up the good work and remember our traditions.

Jim Thornton, Indian Education Coordinator, Coos County Indian Education Coordination Program,
90633 Cape Arago Highway, Coos Bay OR 97420-7635